@OpenRP.SBS [API v0.1]
#n0des #Channels #JsModules

Simple API & Code Display Module for OpenRP|SBS.

@OpenRP.SBS [API v0.1]
#n0des #Channels #JsModules

Node(s) hosting OpenRP|SBS.

active    | # Keyblade-n0de  | n0de-0 [v.0.1]
active    | # vp-n0de-zerver-1  | n0de-1 [v.0.1]

@OpenRP.SBS [API v0.1]
#n0des #Channels #JsModules


Server is hosted by Keybase.io using their keybase filesystem and teams features. It only allows for simple HTML web site hosting. No PHP, or other more advance sites. But it can still have its uses for simple but cool projects, and even as a small personal site where one can host some files or a gallery for example.

This is done by creating a account with keybase.io. Then you create a team by yourself, however you send a invite to user ' kbpbot '. There is a tab for Bots but you invite this one like a normal user, simply grant them the 'Reader' role. Once this is done you can go back to your keybase filesystem. You should by this point have least 3 folders (might see more if you follow others on keybase). Public, Private, Teams.

now your Public and Private folder share space, 256GB of storage. Public is a shareable link under their domain (there is I guess a way to do this without teams but i havent gotten it to work yet). Private is entirely closed off for your own personal use. No one can see inside this space but you.

Teams, I expect no matter how many you create they all share the same space between them. Each user is allowed only 100GB to use overall with Teams. So its not like you can just create another team and get another 100GB. Does not work that way.

From your domain's DNS Records you can make this your domains landing point, or make it just a subdomain for now for trying it out. Just make a new CNAME calling it whatever. Like "keybase". So it would look like keybase.openrp.sbs for example, Then be sure to point it to the address or ip such as kbp.keybaseapi.com or for the keybase server . Then you want to create a TXT Record which is named _keybase_pages.keybase (replaceing keybase with the subname you opted for.)

In the Text Value for the TXT Record you wanna point it to the right teams folder. "kbp=/keybase/team/name-of-your-team/site-name" be sure to not close the path with a / slash. it wont load overwise. Back in your keybase teams folders you can create a folder called site-name or whatever you opted to call it. Then just drop your index.html, md, images, css, JaveScript files, etc to serv a free basic website in a nerdy way.

It may not load right away, keybase will auto generate a free HTTPS (SSL) Certificate from 'Let's Encrypt' which may take a moment to go into effect, and or your DNS Records to propagate. if says the connection is secure but not loading, check your TXT record that the path in the value going to the right folder, and not being closed by a / slash in the path.

@OpenRP.SBS [API v0.1]
#n0des #Channels #JsModules

v.0.1 latest version of the API supported.
v.null does not really support the API. Legacy version that will later be deprecated.
v.lim some to nearly no support for the for the API, services through (or will use their own) will be limited.

Channel(s) (services) within OpenRP|SBS.

[WEB Channels]
active    | # OpenRP|SBS  | Web-Fr0nt-End [n0de-0 | v.0.1]
pending | #DevFront        | devroot-frontend [n0de-0 | v.0.1]

active | #SkyView        | skyview-g00fy [n0de-0 | v.lim]

legacy    | #ORPS     | orps-frontend [n0de-0 | v.null]

[COM Channels]

[AUD Channels]

[VID Channels]

[vWLD Channels]

@OpenRP.SBS [API v0.1]
#n0des #Channels #JsModules

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active    | #b00t.js  | Web-b00t-l0ader [v.0.1]
active    | #Fb00t.js | Err0r-Rel0ader [v.0.1]
disabled    | #getUzer.js | pEEp-t0m [v.0.1]
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Error: Currently disabled. breaks b00t, fix is in the works for later.
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[Code #Fb00t]
b00t | ERROR | Transaction Failure
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#: Causes?
#: 1. Outdated or unsupported ToKeN Passed.
#: 2. Connection issues at one end, the other, or in between.
#: 3. Something else may of triggered the API! Certain features of the API require JavaScript, sorry.

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